Projects for Growth Hacks Management

Achieve your KPI by turning high impact growth hacks into results.
Source and brainstorm growth hacks tailored to your project.
Match growth hacks from crowdsourced generators with your project goal.
match growth hacks with your projects
Priorize high impact growth hacks by score.
A five star Growth Score is calculated based on estimated impact and ease of implementation. The higher the score, the more value the the growth hack can provide.
prioritize growth hacks by ease and impact
Track progress of growth hacks.
Assign TODO, IN PROGRESS, DONE to each growth hack.
track progress of growth hack experiments
Add test results.
When an experiement is DONE, mark it as success or failure. Easily record and evaluate test results.
record and evalutate test results of growth hacks
Don't waste time and start marketing your project today.