Join Pinterest Marketing Group Boards

Join us to make the best Pinterest Marketing Resource Group Boards for early solo entrepreneurs.

What is this?

We want to create and curate pins with useful marketing information for early solo entreprenuers who want to become growth hackers. Currently, there are too many pins on Pinterest that give no information other than a call-to-action with the sole intent of people clicking the link to visit their sites. We want to create boards that provide only clean contents that people can learn something from.

Why should I join the Pinterest Marketing Group Boards?

RandomGrowth's core mission is to build the world's best growth and marketing planner so every early entrepreneur can become a successful growth hacker and build products people want. We believe we can achieve this by collaborating with you. By joining our group boards, you will also gain exposure to anyone following our boards.

What are the Pinterest Marketing Boards I can join?

Pinterest Marketing

Marketing and growth resources on how to create an engaging Pinterest marketing campaign.

Instagram Marketing

Get started guide for early solo entrepreneurs to create an engaging Instagram account.

Social Media Marketing

Things you wish to know before you start your social media marketing journey.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing for solo founders. Tips on creating an effective Facebook page, Facebook post, the best time to post, the Do's and Don'ts.

Content Marketing

Ideas on what and how to write engaging titles and contents.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the next big thing. This board curates information on how to find and engage with influencers to promote your business.

LinkedIn Marketing

Ideas on how to target #b2b, recruit talents, and increase engagement.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter essentials for marketing side projects, startups, and business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the oldest and most effective marketing tactic. This board focuses on helping you to create engaging emails.

Newsletter Marketing

This board helps you to create an email newsletter people actually read.

Pricing Growth Hacks

Pricing is very tricky. We aim to curate examples and best practices to help you price your products/services to maximize your ROI.

Headline Helper

Write effective headlines that people are more likely to act on and share.

You don't have many followers. Why should I join you?

We are just starting out and we have plans to promote educational pins to early entreprenuers.

What type of pins are allowed?

Pins must have contents and be relevant to the respective Pinterest marketing board title. They must NOT be just link baits with call-to-actions. We do not allow pins with just the text "Top 10 Instagram marketing tips" and do not provide any contents except making people click on the links to visit their sites. If users like your contents, they will click on them. This is how we differentiate ourselves.

How do I join?

Follow us on Pinterest and email me at support at randomgrowth dot com (or send me a message on Pinterest) with the following information:

  • The email address you used to sign up on Pinterest
  • The url of your Pinterest account
  • The name(s) of the Pinterest board(s) you want to join.

Can you join my Pinterest Group Boards?

Yes! We are happy to contribute to your Pinterest boards if they are marketing related. Just add the email randomgrowth at gmail dot com.

I have more questions. How else can I contact you?

Email me at support at randomgrowth dot com. We are happy to talk to you.