About RandomGrowth

What is RandomGrowth.com?

RandomGrowth.com helps you market and grow your business by suggesting popular bite-size growth hacks.

Who built this?

I am Kenneth Poon, the founder of RandomGrowth.com. I am passionate about building software and community based platforms.

Why built this?

Few years ago, I built StudyFlashcard.com, an education platform for students to create and share digitial flashcards on the go. I faced a lot of problems with acquiring new users. On a typical night, I spend more than 4 hours reading articles, looking for ways to acquire users and increase revenue.

If you spent a lot of time reading online about SEO, Social Media Marketing, etc, I bet you would find yourself reading mostly repetitive stuffs. This is very unproductive and frustrating.

More often than not, what I need are just some examples of how other people market their startups. In RandomGrowth.com, a single, bite-size growth hack is presented at a time. You can use the presented growth hack as a reference to brainstorm ideas on how to market your startup.

I hope you will find RandomGrowth.com useful to your startup. Feel free to contact me at support at randomgrowth dot com. I am happy to listen and help.